Improving wellbeing through evidence-informed policy

How has Covid-19 impacted on wellbeing in the UK?

The Covid-19 pandemic is a major health crisis. Covid-related policies, guidance and behaviours have resulted in changes to our lives that go well beyond the health sphere. The impact to our personal, economic and social lives has been extensive, profound and unprecedented.

Looking at the impact of Covid-19 on wellbeing outcomes requires understanding the numerous ways our lives have been affected, what matters most to people’s happiness, and how different people have been affected in different ways, particularly identifying people and groups who are at risk of low wellbeing.

In this meeting we heard from speakers who shared evidence and insights on how wellbeing in the UK has been affected by Covid-19.

Speakers included:

Daisy Fancourt, UCL, Lead investigator, Covid Social Study

Jan Emmanuel De Neve, Oxford University, Wellbeing Research Centre

Laia Becares, University of Sussex, co Author Runnymead report: Overexposed and under protected

Ben Cavanagh, Scottish Government, Covid-19 impact on communities

Joanne Smithson, What Works Centre for Wellbeing, Wellbeing inequalities and Covid-19

Download the minutes and the slides from the meeting 

Improving wellbeing through evidence-informed policy