Wellbeing, inequality and social deprivation: A roundtable discussion


Date:    Wednesday 20 April 2016

Time:   09:30 – 11:00

Venue:  Committee Room 8, Houses of Parliament, London SW1A 0AA

Chairs: Jon Cruddas MP and Baroness Tyler (co-chairs of the APPG on wellbeing economics)

In recent years, there has been increasing recognition of the need to look beyond measures of average wellbeing to explore inequalities in wellbeing, and particularly those with very low wellbeing. There has similarly been a growing interest in exploring a concept of social deprivation which recognises forms of deprivation which are likely associated with, but go beyond, material deprivation.

In this roundtable, we will bring together experts in wellbeing, inequalities and social deprivation to explore these issues further. We will ask:

  • How might wellbeing help to produce a wider conception of social deprivation, and what does this add to existing concepts of material deprivation?
  • What would policy that focussed on improving the lives of those with very low wellbeing look like in practice? How might it differ from existing approaches focussed on alleviating deprivation?
  • How would the focus on wellbeing inequalities change the existing wellbeing agenda in government?

Confirmed speakers include;

  • Baroness Ruth Lister – Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at Loughborough University
  • Lord Gus O’Donnell – Former Cabinet Secretary and non-Executive Chairman of Frontier (Europe)
  • Lord Richard Layard – Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics
  • Dr Simon Sandberg – Consultant for Lambeth Council and wellbeing expert
  • Dr Kimberley Brownlee – Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick

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