Meeting 2: Labour markets and wellbeing

The second evidence session of the APPG’s inquiry on well-being and policy was held on 10th March 2014 under the heading “Labour Markets and Wellbeing”. The discussion centred around the question of whether and how labour market policy might look different if motivated by the goal of maximising well-being rather than growth.



David Norgrove, Chair, Low Pay Commission

Dr Andrew Clark, Paris School of Economics

Nicola Smith, Head of Economics & Social Affairs, TUC

Stephen Bevan, Head of the Centre for Workforce Effectiveness, Work Foundation

David Mobbs, Group Chief Executive, Nuffield Health

Group Members

David Lammy MP (Chair), Baroness Claire Tyler, Lord Alan Howarth, Lord Richard Layard, Helen Goodman MP, Julian Huppert MP, Martin Horwood MP, Chris Ruane MP


The session opened with a presentation from Saamah Abdallah of the New Economics Foundation summarising the evidence on work-related drivers of well-being, and how they might be used to inform policy. Witnesses and group members then discussed how this might apply to four key policy areas: the minimum wage, job security, working hours and job quality (including employee health and well-being).

Full notes of the meeting are available here. Saamah Abdallah’s slides are available here.