A great event on wellbeing across the UK

Our latest event was loosely based on some of the analysis of the new subjective wellbeing data collected by the Office for National Statistics. This data has shown, for example, that the highest levels of wellbeing are found on the small islands of the British Isles, and the lowest levels of wellbeing are found in London and the Welsh Valleys. These regional differences persist even when levels of deprivation have been taken into account. The panel discussed why there are clear differences in the levels of subjective wellbeing reported across the UK, and what policy-makers might be able to do about it.

– Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of the London Borough of Newham
– Dr George Kavetsos, London School of Economics
– Councillor Jim Hakewill, Kettering Borough Council

– David Lammy MP

A recording of the panel speeches can be found here. Unfortunately, owing to a technical fault only the first two panel contributions were recorded. The powerpoint presentation of the third speaker, Jim Hakewill, can be found here